Terms, Conditions & Definitions

ORDERING - Our order form must be used. Please complete every line on the order form in order to eliminate errors and cut down on time. Copies must be typed or printed clearly. Submitted copies will be followed exactly as written. We cannot process incomplete order forms. Orders can be submitted at any time to our twenty-four hour fax line. NO ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN OVER THE PHONE!

STOCK - All tickets are printed on 90 lb. Index with your choice of colors: white, blue, buff, pink, green, yellow, ivory, grey, salmon. If the preferred color is not designated on the order form, one will be chosen by the company.

INK COLORS - Black is standard body copy color. An additional flat charge of $40.00 will be added for the following standard ink colors: 032 Red, Reflex Blue, 348 Green.

COMPOSITION AND PROOFS - You are allowed 12 lines of copy on the ticket; however, the more lines used, the smaller the type size will have to be. We reserve the right of typestyle and arrangement. Please submit typed copy. We will match any samples as close as possible. Stub copy and layout are standard as shown. We can do custom stub copy if space allows. An additional charge of $10.00 will apply for any non-standard stub copy. Non-standard fonts may be used for an additional $15.00 per font. Numbering and perforation locations cannot be changed. We are not responsible for typographical errors resulting from the submission of hand written copy. Prior to printing, a proof will be faxed for approval. We will not be held responsible for errors and omissions resulting from unsigned proofs.

ARTWORK/LOGOS - Artwork and/or logos can appear on your ticket. Artwork or logos must be submitted in black and white via e-mail in tif or jpeg. A flat handling charge of $15.00 will apply for each submitted item.

PACKAGING - Tickets are shrink-wrapped 250 per pack.

SERVICE - Production times vary  based upon  quantity, type of ticket, and complexity.  Please contact our customer service for more info on production times.  Please allow an additional 24 hours for extra procedures, i.e. stitching into books, colored ink. If received after 1 p.m. eastern time, signed proofs will be included into the next working day's schedule. Please allow extra time for large orders and Reserved Seating Tickets.

SHIPPING & HANDLING - Tickets are shipped Ground or Priorty Mail standard which is in addition to ticket cost. In addition to the shipping charge there will be a handling charge of $7.50 per package shipment. Air shipment is available at an additional charge. When shipping FedEx, you must use your own account number and let us know at the time the order is placed. Any address correction charges from UPS will result in a $12.00 charge to the author. The author will be charged $5.00 for each package drop shipped to any other address than his/hers. Tickets cannot be delivered to post office boxes.

TERMS - Terms for all customers are payment by credit card at the time of placing the order. Money orders are acceptable only when included with your mail-in order (please call to verify total cost of printing and shipping prior to purchasing your money order). Our low prices do not allow us to ship C.O.D. or handle open accounts. Your order will not ship until payment has been received.

ARBITRATION CLAUSE - The parties to this sales agreement hereby agree that any and all disputes or claims shall be filed and litigated in a court of record located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

CANCELLATIONS - Your credit card will be charged before a proof is typed or set. Once an order has been type set and a proof has been generated there will be a cancelation fee if the order is canceled. The fees are as follows: Standard Order Cancelation Fee - $20.00, Rush Order Cancelation Fee - $45.00, and Express Rush Cancelation Fee - $85.00. Once an order approval has been received, no cancellations can be made - no refund will be issued.

PHONE CALLS - Our customer service department is open between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday, to offer assistance. Orders can be faxed at any time during the day or night to our 24 hour fax line. Collect calls are not accepted.

ELECTRONIC CHECKS - Business Checks Only. Funds must be available on day of deposit.