CMS Prescription Laser Sheets

Sold in packs of 250

Bulk packed
Size 8 ½" x 11 ".
Stock 70# Laser/Offset.

6 security features
Warning: Absence of the Following Security Features May Indicate Alteration.
1. Tamper resistant background ink shows attempts to alter script.
2. Penetrating ink is used to prevent chemical “lifting” of information.
3. High security watermark on back side, which cannot be copied and can only be seen at 45o angle, is coin-reactive and changes color when scratched with a coin.
4. Each sheet is sequentially numbered for record keeping. (Not applicable with Laser sheets)
5. Security pantograph prints “VOID” on front when duplicated.
6. Thermochromatic ink on the front side. The word “SECURE” will fade away and reappear.
• Security Features on this document exceed CMS guidelines

The use of Script Paper is controlled by Federal and State Agencies. Any attempt to purchase script documents by unauthorized persons or by persons providing falsified information will be reported to the proper authorities for prosecution to the full extent of the law.
Under our licensing agreement, all orders for Document Security Paper are reviewed and the information provided is confirmed by our Document Security Compliance Team.
Acceptance of any and all orders for Document Security Paper is at the discretion of the Document Security Compliance Team.

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