Short Raffle Stapled in Books Ticket

Short Raffle Stapled in Books Ticket

Please allow an additional 48 hours for Stapling into books, tickets are Stapled in increments of 5, Minimum charge for Stapleing is $14.00 and .07 cents per book there after.  Tickets have a perferation at 1/5" fom side so that you can tear out the stub without removing the staple.

You are Ordering Tickets in Black Ink Only, if you change the text to a color or Graphic in Color it will still be printed in Black ink.

Available in 14 different paper colors & 3 paper different paper weights

If you would rather we setup and design your ticket please just email all information to we will email a PDF proof to you, you will just need to approve it as is, or Request another proof with changes, there is no fee for this service.Jumbled Numbers / With Pull out Sheet
The reason you may want Jumbled Numbers, most people dont want to purchase tickets in consecutive numbers, having us provide your tickets with jumbled numbers makes it easy, and the Control Group Number  & Control Group Ticket Number Insures you do not have any duplicates plus with the Pull out sheets provided you can find any number with ease.

Example for 1000 Tickets the stub is numbered in groups of 1 - 40 , with a ticket number 1 - 25 you will be provided a sheet listing the jumbled numbers. So say you want ticket No. 777, you look at the pull out sheet find  No. 777, the sheet tells you that its in group 22, ticket 3.
All groups are in consecutive order, Groups 1-40 . each group is numbered 1-25

8.5 x 2.2250$ 30.00
500$ 34.00
750$ 38.00
1000$ 45.00
1500$ 57.00
2000$ 75.00
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